Our quality policy is to achieve and maintain customer’s entire satisfaction and it is based on a commitment to excellence and continuous improvements, by developing and providing consistent products with superior properties by updating our process technology continuously.we have implemented strict Quality Control Systems, and specific attention has been devoted to statistical process control in the production line to achieve zero defects.

Quality Control

NIMBASIA follows strict quality control measures, and is keeping in pace with the continuous requirement of product conformity to the customers’ specifications and requirements, with respect to quality and safety. NIMBASIA has been recognized for conformance and adherence to Quality Management Systems.

Quality Assurance

Entire staff of NIMBASIA participates in making quality better, persistently to satisfy our customers. Our entire incoming raw material and finished products are inspected & tested at each and every stage, including during the various stages of manufacturing process, to maintain quality as per the desired level, thus assuring quality products to our clients. No stone is left unturned to implement any new suggestions or ideas received from our customers, our staff or others, to upgrade our quality system. When excellence is possible, very good is not enough.