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Nimbasia Stabilizers is one of the leading manufacturers today for Metallic Stearates, Metal Oxides, Sodium Benzoate and Antiblocking agents. Every product at Nimbasia exhibits excellent stabilizing properties and are specially formulated to suit the industry-specific requirements.

Today, we have a fully equipped, technologically advanced manufacturing capacity of 12,000 MT for Metal Stearates, 2400 MT Zinc Oxide, 1500 MT Sodium Benzoate and 10,000 MT Antiblocking agents. This huge manufacturing is supported by a state-of-art laboratory, where research, experiment and development of products are a never-ending process.

Catering to client requirements, we are dedicated to zero-defect production through stringent statistical process control and quality management systems, with inspection at every stage of manufacturing. With a consistent supply of only high-quality products, Nimbasia Stabilizers have successfully expanded its operations in the global market while being a leading metallic stearates manufacturer in India.

updating technology

Nimbasia Stabilizers is dedicated to continuously updating its technology with innovation as its bedrock. Our in-house developed processes and technology are supported with a separate Research & Development wing that works on developing products through experimentation coupled with technology and chemistry. We strive to develop innovative products by making customer requirements a part of the entire manufacturing process.



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